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Hello Sisters!

Have you noticed we are missing? We are missing from advertisements, unless it's for Botox. We are missing from most magazines. When a cosmetic company tries to address age, they still use a model in their early forties. As we know we are not the same as we were in our forties. Share With Us Our skin is spotted, thin and has lines we have earned. Our hair is also thinning, graying and droopy. Our bodies have betrayed us. We have gone up a size or two or three. We try to hide parts, our arms, our neck, our legs. We are almost praying for caftans with a turtleneck to come back in style! Living Well 60 and Beyond On our good days we feel free. Free to be ourselves in this new classic package. Free to laugh at ourselves. Free to spend our hard earned money. Free to love those we wish and set others free. We hope you join us on this amazing journey! Robin, Kris and Gail
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